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    The Invention of Inflatable Moonwalks – 1957

    In 1957 John Scurlock was experimenting with inflatable solutions
    for tennis court covers, swimming pools, and other enclosures and he noticed
    that employees had fun walking on the inflatables. The loss and refilling of air
    made them bouncy and the employees kept flopping and jumping on them and having
    a great time. Scurlock decided to create a kid’s amusement bouncer and started
    the first inflatable moonwalk business, Space Walk. At the time, the devices
    were referred to as Moon Walks, although many different terms to describe them
    have come into use.He started out with a large air mattress. In
    1967-1968, he decided to add walls. At that time, there were 2 inflatable fans-
    one for the mattress and one for the walls. Windows were made of solid clear
    plastic and were enclosed like a bubble. In 1976 they introduced the “Jupiter
    Jump”- it was the first unit to support netting. It was shaped like a liberty
    bell and was round. The first characters started appearing in the late 1970’s.


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