The Bounce-A-Roo Advantage

1. Cleanliness & Safety:

With Bounce-A-Roo, you can have piece of mind knowing you will be renting clean and safe equipment. We have all of our equipment set on a routine cleaning schedule, and each inflatable must pass a rigorous 5 point quality control inspection before rental. Bounce-A-Roo will never neglect the cleanliness or safety of an inflatable to save on labor. Companies that boast lower prices often do not uphold the standard that Bounce-A-Roo has of maintaining clean & safe equipment.

2. General Liability Insurance:

Sometimes, other companies often operate without the coverage of general liability insurance. With Bounce-A-Roo, have piece of mind knowing that we have you and your loved ones best interest in mind. We carry 1 Million dollars of GL insurance. This includes medical coverage. If an accident or an injury were to occur at your event, we have you covered. Customers- upon request- can be provided a copy of our general liability insurance certificate. Corporations, Schools, Churches, Daycares, Etc. that are holding large events (both on and off of their property) can also be listed as additionally insured on our insurance policy. This will protect their company’s assets as well and take care of their guest’s needs should an incident occur. Regardless of the rental company you choose, we strongly urge you to ask them for proof of GL insurance before renting- to protect yourself and your loved ones.

3.Reservation Software (prevents over booking):

At Bounce-A-Roo, REST ASSURED that your equipment WILL NOT BE OVERBOOKED due to poor reservation organization. We understand how it feels to be notified at the last minute that your equipment has been overbooked. To prevent this from happening, we have state of the art computer based reservation software in place to ensure strict inventory control so that this does not happen to our customers.

4. Customer time savers:

Busy lifestyle? You will NEVER spend hours stressing about your reservation with us. Bounce-A-Roo has several small time savers in place to ensure convenient booking. We accept all forms of payment – including credit cards- on both the day of order AND the day of delivery. We have a online rental agreement specifically for customers that do not have time for paperwork on the day of their event. Customers can order online 24/7 365 days a year through our website. We even offer discounts for online orders. Don’t want us to call you? Not a problem. At Bounce-A-Roo, you can choose your preferred method of communication- just to make it easier for YOU!

5. Extended Rentals :

If your children are enjoying the inflatable and just do not want to let it go, we will work with you on this! Bounce-A-Roo is one of the only companies that will extend a rental. Our expansive inventory allows us to extend rentals and allow customers to keep units longer for only a fraction of the cost. You will never pay the full unit price to extend a rental. Adding an extra day is easy- all it takes is a phone call.

6. Weather Guarantee:

Bad weather on the day of your event? That’s not you’re fault and we won’t treat you like it is! At Bounce-A-Roo, we have a bad weather guarantee. If you make a reservation and there is inclement weather on the date of your event, feel free to cancel for no charge or hidden fees! This policy is ONLY applicable before services are rendered. Renters may also postpone for another date without any penalty.
7. Courtesy Call for Deliveries:

Bounce-A-Roo is the only company that provides a courtesy phone call alerting a renter that we are en route. This helps alleviate stress and allows time for our customers to arrange payment and prepare for delivery. Our drivers are required to call each delivery customer within 30min – 1 hour of the delivery.

Not all rental companies are created equal. As with many other things, you get what you pay for. Please do your homework and choose a company that is reputable and has been in business for a long time. This important decision determines the difference between having a stressful and unsuccessful event, or an event that’s memories will last a lifetime.

The Bounce-A-Roo Advantage was last modified: February 15th, 2012 by Steven Gossett