Disney Fairies Combo

Pricing Options

Local Delivery Rate (1-8hrs): $225

Local Area 24 Hour Pick-Up: $205

Out of Area 48 Hour Pick-Up: $295

Product Details

Weight: 350 Lbs.

Dimensions: 22'L x 19'W x 13'H

Power Requirements: 1 - 110V Outlet on dedicated 20 Amp breaker

Customer Pick-up Requirements:

This unit will fit into a.........Full Size Van * (The Second AND third row of seats must be removed completely or disappear into the floor, not just folded down)Midsize Truck * (Truck bed must be empty and clean of debris)Large Truck * (Truck bed must be empty and clean of debris) (Please bring straps or rope with you.)Trailer * (You MUST bring straps or rope with you to secure your equipment.)We will gladly load your vehicle for you and unload upon return. Please be mindful that you will need adequate space in your vehicle for a blower, tarp and concessions. The more passengers you bring with you at pick-up, the less space we have to work with. Thanks!

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